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About a girl

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

I was sitting in front of the telly last Sunday afternoon when a neighbour decided to host a Singstar competition, directly above where I was sitting.

I figured it would be kinda weird of me to start rocking out to Singstar on my own  (although the thought was appealing) and compromised with  MTV’s  classic hits channel on Foxtel, cranking it up to cover the wailing that was going on upstairs.  Suddenly “About a girl” by Nirvana (Unplugged version) came on and I found myself hurtling into one gigantic flashback moment.

That album certainly had air time in my life. I think it became one of those pivotal albums that everyone had in their CD collection and was generally the soundtrack of every party. Every party that I went to anyway. I had a giggle about how unattractive Dave Grohl looked sporting a black skivvy in the film clip and pondered yet again as to what ever happened to “the other guy” from Nirvana?

I then found myself thinking about what my idea of Nirvana was and decided that it was the split second feeling when you are happily trapped within an amazing moment. You know? A moment of pure excitement, love or ...insert something here… usually accompanied by a soundtrack of some description.

I guess all we need to do is ensure we identify and capture these moments in some way so we can experience them over and over, again and again.

My sister Jo and I looking through old photo albums of our family on Christmas day with our father who you can just make out in the background. Unfortunately Dad was sick and passed away six months later from cancer. This image allows me to remember one of my Nirvana moments. Photo by Steve Gee – Christmas day, 2006.

The Wah

Monday, December 3rd, 2012


Enough said.



Everybody Loves Stella

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Image not by me but finding out who took it!

I met Angela back in the 90’s and we bonded through a local Theatre company that we were both involved in.

She has always been a dynamic person with an ability to have time for anyone, even if she hasn’t seen you for like, forever – she can pick up where you left off.

When I say she has time, I mean she really listens.

(Please note this image of Ange taken whilst performing in “The Maids”  is not by me. Credit to follow)

Ange and I recently re-connected after I caved and joined the book of face. I was fortunate to be invited to her home on the edge of the Blue Mountains to photograph her with partner Paul, along with their very very new baby Stella.

When I arrived and as most new mothers do, Ange apologised for the state of the house, the bad phone coverage, her baby brain and all manner of things but what she may not have realised at the time was that this particular afternoon and everything that came with it was exactly what I needed.

To me, everything was perfect.

So, in exchange for capturing some awesome moments in the early life of her beautiful baby and her family, I was given moments of wisdom from someone who really understands.

Nurture your friendships and when you say on parting “We will make sure we catch up soon”,  Do it. Life is too short.