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A little bit of personality goes a long way

Monday, January 28th, 2013

The more time I spend with this brother and sister team, the cooler they just seem to get.

I was actually in fits of giggles whilst editing their last session.

They are both adorable and hilarious!



Look Up. There’s Hope!

Friday, January 4th, 2013

I was really excited.

I hadn’t watched the fireworks on Sydney Harbour and the prospect of having such a great vantage point on New Years Eve was a very cool proposition indeed. My sister Joey and I were lucky to have the opportunity to attend Garden Island on Sydney harbour for the festivities. We had the makings of a fine picnic by the water including perfect weather, cheeseboard and vino. I had decided to stick with an instant film camera and my IPhone to document the event and leave the big guns at home.

As it turns out I was slightly oblivious to the excited gasps and “ooohhhhs” and “Ahhhhs” of the crowd surrounding me as I intently focused on capturing the perfect imprint of those magical explosions of light. In hindsight I missed an important element of the whole experience…

If I had my time again I believe I would have my phone officially confiscated and ask someone to help pry the instant camera out of my grasp to allow me to enjoy the fireworks display, just as it was. On pondering why I was feeling a little unfulfilled afer the event, I realised that there is time for work, there is time for play and if play involves being obsessed with photography – then that’s ok… BUT there is always time to stop, put everything down and look up!

I wish that you all have a wonderful 2013, full of HOPE and joy.


I took this photo via my Iphone and posted to Instagram. Instagram is like twitter but with photos instead of comments. If you want to check out my mobile work you can look me up on Instagram @transitlounger.